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Super hot Void Tyrant

Super hot Void Tyrant

Not long ago, the Void Tyrant was warmly welcomed by the gaming community around the world through the demo version – released online. But since Closed Beta, there has been no specific announcement from Quite Fresh about the release of the official version. What  is confusing for players because the Void Tyrant attracts them

Fortunately, the two co-founders recently made statements regarding the release of the Void Tyrant back to the market. All seem to have changed, added and modified to release the complete version of Void Tyrant to the gaming community in the world.

Super hot Void Tyrant

Super hot Void Tyrant

If you have not experienced the Void Tyrant game, read this article, this is a card game simulation game built on the inspiration taken from Blackjack, where you will have to go through many stages throughout the game. Adventure, defeat all enemies and conquer the land to arrive.

Entering the game screen, you and your opponent will own a set of cards numbered from 1 to 6 with specific effects. You and your opponent will alternately use the cards to increase attack power on a scale. With a maximum attack score of 12, after one draw, anyone with a higher score will gain the right to attack. The number of differences between the two players will evaluate your attacking ability.

It sounds complicated and confusing, but this is a game with exciting and entertaining gameplay. In addition to attacking cards, you will also have a defensive method by possessing cards that have a propensity to create effects to give you the advantage of winning each battle. Fight your way across the galaxy to go with your toes with seemingly unstoppable forces, with over 500 cards to unlock, three strategic character classes and standalone card-based combat system original.

If you used to be a loyal fan, day and night bewitching Yugi Oh’s Magic Cards, then this is a game you shouldn’t miss. Download now Avoid Tyrant for iOS.

You play Void Tyrant game on mutilate a doll 2

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